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Christmas tree 3D of felt

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For these Christmas trees you need:

  • 3 colors felt
  • Glue
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Sprigs
  • Wooden surface
  • Some moss and other natural decoration

Print out the template. Determine the size you want by printing the template on for example the size 13x18.

The height of my felt tree is about 11 cm

Cut out 9 Christmas trees from the 3-color felt. And lay them out in the pattern you want to handle later on.

Fold your tree double and coat it halfway with glue. Stick another tree on top of it.

Continue the same action with all the other trees that hou have cut . Keep in mind that if you started gluing on the right side, you keep on doing with the next one.

If you have glued all 9 trees together. Take a branch and put it in the middle of your tree. Glue your tree around the branch with a Glue Gun. Now you can also glue the last side together.

Glue your tree with a Glue gun on a surface and decorate it with some moss and other decoration.

Or put multiple trees next to each other. 

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