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How do I color with markers?

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In this blog I show you how I use my markers. First I will show step by step how a doodle arises.

We start with a circle. Not as head, but head and body in one. This figure becomes a birdie

Obviously one that she does not have all 10 in a row so a big eye and a small eyeball.

The pupils can move in all directions, this squints a bit. A beak and a few eyebrows. Not that a bird has eyebrows, but that gives him a bit more character.

long lanky legs and tickle toes

feathers or hair, it does not matter that much

A balloon in the mouth

The balloon became another balloon, now we know why he looks so absent ...

Turn on lines with fine lineer. I prefer to use Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.4. It does not stain, it is opaque black, not too fine not too coarse. But if you have another, you like it is also good of course. I do not recommend Action (when you live in Holland)

Pencil lines well erase and you are ready for the markers.

Now you are ready to start with colors. First you will have to think with which colors you will work.

I chose yellow chicks. I use Action markers that are basically available to everyone.
Here are the colors that I used. I will try to show step by step how I shape the figure. It sometimes seems a bit cumbersome and a lot. And sometimes it even seems as if nothing happened.

Step 1: color the body of your figure completely with the lightest color

Step 2: Color the body of your figure again but with a slightly dark color. Do not color everything in it, keep some on some edges, so that the light color is still visible

Step 3: Now you use the color you want to give your figure and leave a part of the underlying layer open.

Step 4: Apply a dark color for shade and that gives shape to your figure

Step 5: Now use your very darkest color for extra contrast

Step 6: Color the hairs

Step 7: Color the beak in the lightest color

Step 8: Bring a dark color over it just as you did with the body and leave a piece on one side. So that the lighter color is still visible

Step 9: Apply the last shade with the darkest color. Your beak is now ready.

Do you want to make it darker than you go with the marker over it.

Step 10: This is my ... I was a little forgotten step. Color the pupils with your fine liner and keep a tip white.

Step 11: Apply with gray shadow in the eyeballs

Step 12: Color your Balloon and hearts with the lightest color red and keep a little white at the edge of the balloon

Step: 13: Give with a dark color red on one side at all three hearts some color

Step 14: Use your previously used gray to make structure of soil and possibly shadow lines

So you have used all these colors for a small bird.

And is this the end result. I am not saying that it is the way to do it, but that is how I color my drawings.

I hope you liked my diy-blog. Please rate of or leave a message in my gastbook (gastenbook). 

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