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Bird of polymer clay

Gepubliceerd op 31 december 2018 om 21:47

For this bird is used:

Polymer clay from the Action (discount store). Glue gun and a piece of Hazel

Make a round ball about 2 cm.

Make 2 thin rods each about 1.5 cm

Flatten the rod between thumb and forefinger and make a drop shape

Place both drops at the same height on the side of your ball. Make sure it sticks, but do not press it flat on the ball. These are the wings

Make an uneven heart shape for the tail, which gives your bird a firm stance when standing

Now you can give the bird a face. I have chosen to make 3 mini rolls of feather on the head.

2 very small black circles for eyes.
And 4 orange brown rolls for toes

Lastly, a small orange brown triangle folded a little. Place it between the eyes this becomes the beak.

Now you can bake it in the oven and your bird is ready.

I do not use clay tools,  but toothpicks and knives, there for it is not completely smooth. But I do not find that annoying. This is wat makes it handwork and not a factory product.

I glued my little bird on a piece of hazel with a glue gun.

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